The Optimist Club Farm is available
for use without charge by organized
and properly supervised youth groups
such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, or
similar youth groups. It may be rented
for private meetings, wedding
receptions, birthday parties or similar

The Farm encompasses 70 acres of
which about 40 are cleared with
suitable areas for softball games,
soccer, or other such activities.
Wooded areas of the farm may be used for camping or nature walks. A heated/air conditioned clubhouse with chairs and tables provided for meeting or banquet purposes can accommodate up to 87 persons. On the property in front of the clubhouse, is a three acre pond that may be used for fishing or canoeing.                 Click here for More Farm Views

                                                                               To request information on                                                                                          availability, please leave a                                                                                         voice message at 
                                                                               or e-mail the Club at                                                                      

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Raleigh - Optimist
The Optimist Club Farm
Owned and Operated by The Optimist Club of Raleigh

2908 Optimist Farm Road

Apex, NC  27539-7913

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